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Cancer Patients Aid Association – National Cancer Rose Day Celebration

The National Cancer Rose Day Celebration for cancer patients was celebrated on the 22nd of sept 2019 by CPAA in association with SBHCT & Sion Hospital.


This event is celebrated every year to bring happiness in the lives of people around the world who are fighting against cancer. This day is also dedicated to spread awareness about the disease that is often a result of abnormal cell growth and has the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

World Rose Day is observed in the memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose from Canada who was identified with Askin’s Tumour, a rare form of blood cancer. While doctors had said that she would live for a couple of weeks, she went on to live for six months. During that time, Rose touched the lives of many patients by writing e-mails, poems and letters to them. The day is also a reminder for people to spend quality time with cancer patients and spread happiness and cheer in their lives without making them feel sick or unwanted.

The Rose Day event in the Sion Hospital Auditorium helped bring cheer, Happiness and smile to over 250 Children suffering with Cancer and their families. The patients had a fun filled afternoon with the juggler and magic show and they danced to the DJ’s music. The Doctors, interns and Paramedics also enjoyed and Participated in the event.

Having such entertainment and fun events for the patients is very helpful for them in their wellbeing and coping with the treatment. The endeavour being to bring smile and happiness to the patients by making the afternoon very special through entertainment.



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