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Swami Brahmanand Pratishtan- School picnic to Saguna Baug on 10th December 2019

The School Picnic for the students with intellectual disabilities was organised by Swami Brahmanand Pratishtan in association with Seth Bhojraj Hassomal Charitable Trust. About 90 students and 34 staff members from the 3 units of SBP were part of the picnic. The day picnic was organised at Saguna Bagh, an Agro farm, a beautiful place which is spread over 55 acres of land.

The students were divided into 5 different groups and were taken around by a guide. He gave them information about the various herbal plantations on the farm. The students were then taken for the Mallkhamb show and the Emu farm. They were also showed the tree from which brooms are made, the rat tree which keeps away the rats, vegetable plants like cabbage, lemon grass, sugarcane fields, and boating. There were ponds around the area and the students were shown some fishing done by the locals there. The students were made to experience the touch of the fishes. They were shown and explained the process of making nilgiri and lemon grass oil. Later some students went to play in water and buffalo ride, some did archery and rifle shoot while others spent the afternoon riding on camel cart, bullock cart, segway ride, and the rest had fun playing on swing, and rope net in the playground.


They were provided sumptuous and nutritious food throughout the day. The Picnic was wrapped at 6 pm in the evening with drained energy and memories of a fun filled day.


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